Santa Photo Sessions MN

As we gear up for Christmas, thanks to COVID-19 things may look a bit different this year. Even though this may be the case, Santa Dan still wants to bring that same Christmas cheer to the hearts and faces of children young and old throughout Minnesota. Whether you’re a family looking for a way to create wonderful holiday memories, or a photographer looking for another way to entice families to sign up for photo sessions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Santa Dan today.

Family Photos With Santa

Santa Dan has been providing his services in and around Minnesota for decades and one of his favorite things is family sessions. Feel free to schedule a time for Santa Dan to visit your home or neighborhood to allow your kids and family members to not only tell Santa what they really want for Christmas, but also to get a wonderful photo at the same time. This allows you to get a personal visit with Santa himself without having to worry about the crowds that are typically synonymous with Santa photo opportunities across Minnesota.

Additionally, you can opt to hire a professional photographer to capture the moments, or Santa Dan can recommend a local photographer that he has personal experience with! Don’t hesitate – Give Santa Dan a call today with any questions or to get on the schedule!

Santa For Professional Photography Sessions

As we make our way into fall and winter, family pictures are soon to be on everyone’s mind. The holidays are a great time where families like to take time to get some high-quality photos taken of their families. If your photography business is looking for a bit of a boost this Christmas season, why not schedule a few photo sessions with Santa Dan? You can coordinate a time for families to come to a certain location where they can have their pictures taken without all the crowds of the big shopping malls. In fact, this can be a great way to grow your client base by offering pictures with Santa each year as we approach the holidays.

Schedule Early Because Santa Dan’s Schedule Fills Up Fast!

You may think that it’s too early to think about scheduling a visit with Santa Dan, but you’re likely mistaken. In fact, Santa Dan’s schedule fills up quite fast so you want to make sure that you’re able to schedule him with as much notice as possible. Santa Dan works hard to provide an authentic experience that embodies the wonderful spirit of Christmas, so be sure to reach out to him soon!

Contact Santa Dan Today!

Santa Dan schedules events all year long, so even if it’s not quite Christmas time, know that he’d be happy to visit your home or office to make sure everyone will miss the naughty list this year! It’s truly amazing to see the faces of everyone, both young and old when Santa Dan enters the building. Whether you’re a photographer looking for a unique marketing opportunity to increase business during the holidays, or a family who wants to still have a chance for your children to talk with Santa this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to Santa Dan today by phone at (651) 334-2395.

“SO happy about tonight’s session! So excited to work with you more this coming season! I just showed a couple friends and they think you look so magical!
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