Frequently Asked Questions

Santa Dan has been providing entertainment to children and adults alike for years. During this time, he’s amassed several common questions that he’s decided to answer in this handy FAQ below. As always, if you still have a question that isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out to Santa Dan directly by phone at (651) 334-2395.

Q: How do I know if Santa Dan is available?

A: You can check my schedule here, and send a booking request here. However, I am not able to block out a time until we have spoken in person and agreed upon a time.

Q: What is your usual routine at an event?

A: It’s my goal to do everything in my power to get everyone in the Christmas spirit at any event that I attend! Typically, if I’m working with kids, I will follow this routine:

– First I will say hi to the kids and ensure they’re comfortable

– Next I will pose for pictures with each of the kids

– Next I will read from my book

– Next I will sing Christmas songs if time allows

– Finally, I will pass out small/clearly marked gifts

Q: What sort of accessories do you bring

A: Of course! Santa Dan comes prepared with a gold bag and sleigh bells! Santa is always focused on providing the most realistic real life bearded Santa experience possible wherever he may be.

Q: Do you sing Christmas carols?

A: Yes! I love to sing some of the most popular Christmas carols with kids and adults alike. You’ll likely recognize most of the songs I sing!

Q: How much do you normally charge?

A: My rates typically start at $150/hour, but each event and venue is different so it’s always best to give Santa Dan a call to get a better idea of cost.

Give Santa Dan a Call Today to Schedule Him for Your Next Holiday Event

Don’t wait another day to schedule Santa Dan for your holiday event. His schedule tends to fill up fast so be sure to check to see if the date you had in mind for your holiday event is still available. Reach out to Santa Dan today by phone at (651) 334-2395. We’d love to work with you to help bring the joy of Christmas to kids and adults alike!